Ashland Youth CenterSan Leandro, California

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LEED-NC Platinum

Located in the town of San Leandro, California, the new Ashland Youth Center is a 31,500 sf multi-purpose facility that provides recreational, health care, educational, and job training services to area youth. The project was funded by the Alameda County Redevelopment Agency and is located next to a public park, a multi-use gym, and track and field facilities as part of a larger complex. In order to minimize the impact on local waterways, there are a variety of measures taken to reduce the amount of stormwater flowing off of the property. Roof drains and down spouts discharge directly into stormwater filtration planters, and the parking lot will drain into a bio retention swale.

Additionally, pervious pavement materials are implemented, where appropriate, in the parking areas. A state-of-the-art vegetated roof incorporates not only groundcovers and native grasses, but also a series of edible gardens that community members will cultivate. This rooftop garden continues the theme of community involvement and educational outreach that has been implemented in all phases of the project. Inside the building, indoor air quality and thermal comfort have been central to the design and construction process. Materials with little or no volatile organic compounds have been selected, and an indoor chemical and pollutant source control system has been carefully designed for this project. The incorporation of a series of energy efficient mechanical controls and environmentally friendly building practices will allow this building to operate extremely efficiently.