Fort Dalles Readiness CenterThe Dalles, Oregon

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Commissioning, Consulting, LEED-NC Gold

This project includes the design and construction of a 66,528-sf Readiness Center which will be jointly shared by the Oregon Military Department (OMD) and the Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC). OMD’s Readiness Center will provide administrative, training, kitchen, family welfare, recruiting, physical fitness, and vehicle maintenance space for the Oregon Army National Guard. The Readiness Center will serve approximately ninety-four (94) people, comprised of both full-time, traditional guardsmen, and civilian personnel. The Readiness Center will also include weapons storage, approximately 109,000 sf of paved automobile and military equipment parking areas, landscaping, anti-terrorism measures, and utility services. The facility will only be used on drill weekends, thereby creating the perfect scenario for a shared use with the Columbia Gorge Community College, whose classes are held on week days. The CGCC expects about 100 students daily to utilize the building’s classrooms. The Readiness Center is conveniently located on the existing CGCC campus in The Dalles, Oregon.