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Kellee JacksonConsultant



Kellee brings over 10 years’ experience as a project manager, consultant and advocate in support of sustainable built environments to her position as a consultant at Green Building Services. With an interdisciplinary background in sustainability science, community development and real estate, she has a unique perspective on the interaction between people, place and nature. She draws upon diverse project experience and whole-systems thinking to apply creative approaches and problem solving to complex sustainable development projects. In her role as a sustainability consultant, Kellee works closely with project teams to define and achieve sustainability goals, and guides and oversees a successful certification process. She takes pride in helping organizations build upon existing capacity, grow a culture of sustainability and stewardship, and take a holistic approach to implementing and benefiting from solutions that generate lasting value. Kellee’s background prior to joining GBS includes serving as a sustainability manager with a large architectural firm, a sustainability project manager with the Campus Sustainability Office at Portland State University, and a project manager with a prominent Portland developer. Dedicated to efficient energy use, she is the current president of the Oregon Association of Professional Energy Managers.

Kellee is deeply inspired by the power of place and of simple efficient design, like nature’s architecture. She is a lover of patterns, morning light, art, conversation, and jigsaw puzzles.